Best gel mattress

SleepyCat Plus 8 Inch Orthopedic Memory Foam King Size Mattress

SleepyCat Plus 8 Inch Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress offers the features side sleepers need without sacrificing the dissolution of a luxury brand SleepyCat Orthopedic Memory Foam King Size Mattress with 1 inch of Gel Memory Foam and 5 inches of High-Density Foam. An orthopedic mattress is one that reduces stress on your back, neck, and joints pain. This mattress consists of 4 different layers 

  • Premium Outer Cover Easy to wash – Breathable fabric
  • 1-inch Gel Memory Foam
  • Orthopedic support Relieves pressure No motion transfer
  • 5inch High-Density Foam (Provides strength durability, and structure to the mattress)
  • Breezy Inner Cover (Protects both foam layers and Adequate Airflow for lasting freshness)
  • Anti-Skid base (Provides a sturdy grip)

The gel memory form of the mattress benefits mattresses by retaining less heat than memory foam. The memory foam mattress evenly distributes body weight for sufficient comfort for the best Sleep. The manufacturing process of this mattress uses no harmful chemicals. 


  • Primary Material: Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam and High-Density Foam. Color: White, Style: Modern
  • Luxury 8 Inch Mattress with 2-inch of Gel memory foam and 6 inches of High-density Base support foam; Premium quality SMART washable zipper cover with Breezy inner cover; Save up to 75% – Delivered in a BOX directly from Factory; No harmful chemicals
  • Warranty Details: 10 years on product. Mattress Delivered in a BOX! No bulky deliveries and Direct from the factory!
  • Note: Made with non-toxic material, vacuum packed for maximum hygiene, stored in sanitized warehousing, safe delivery

Furny Orthopedic Mattress, Responsive Memory Gel Foam Mattress, Moisture Wicking 

Furny Orthopedic Mattress, Responsive Memory Gel Foam Mattress, Moisture Wicking designed to provide ultimate comfort and impeccable support. High-Density Foam is used to create an extra layer of comfort with Premium quality quilted cotton fabric 300 GSM of cushioning, which comforts and improves the sleeping surface. This provides excellent support, pressure relief, and body contouring. Memory foam redistributes body weight evenly, which also allows increased blood circulation. Premium and Luxurious mattress offers extreme comfort and lines to your body and hence relieves pressure points. 


  • Mattress Feel: Medium Soft
  • Memory Foam – Provides pain-free and restful Sleep.
  • Eliminates the creation of any kind of pressure points on the body, enhancing your comfort.
  • Material Type: High-Density Foam, Memory Foam 
  •  Cover: Premium quality quilted cotton fabric 300 GSM
  • Helps Maintain The Natural ‘S’ Shape Of Your Spine. For the sore neck, lower back, or other problem areas, the SUNUZU mattress will alleviate stress and pressure points across your entire body.
  • Comfort – the lesser the mattress pushes you up when you lie down, the better the consolation will be. All of our R & D focuses on excelling across these parameters. Quality of Sleep is seen because people who sleep on memory foam mattress intend not to change their sleeping positions for as long as 4 hours. Warranty: 20 Years Manufacturer warranty

Furny Reversible Hybrid Mattress, Medium Firm & Soft in 1 Mattress

Furny Reversible Hybrid Mattress, Medium Firm & Soft in 1 Mattress best for Side sleepers on a budget of all the great value mattresses you could buy to support your dream Furny mattresses enable them to maintain standardized quality as well as high density. This mattress allows you to feel relaxed and comfortable. This mattress helps maintain the natural ‘S’ Shape of Your Spine. It keeps the temperature in control as the more significant the foam’s cell size, the better is the Airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night.


  • Material Type: High-Density Foam || Cover: Premium quality cotton fabric
  • Mattress Feel: Medium Soft & Medium Firm on opposite sides (Both sides usable)
  • Reversible – Reversed side features a high-performance PU foam that offers an extra firm surface. It is apt for people who prefer a hard sleeping surface. No matter on which side you sleep, your body will wake up all powered up.
  • Helps Maintain The Natural ‘S’ Shape Of Your Spine. For the sore neck, lower back, or other problem areas, the furny mattress will alleviate stress and pressure points across your entire body. Warranty Summary – 10 Years Manufacturer Warranty

Sleepyhead Sense – 3 Zoned Orthopedic PCM Cooling Foam Mattress 

Sleepyhead Sense – 3 Zoned Orthopedic PCM Cooling Foam Mattress comes with multi-layer support for all body types. The breathable fabric keeps the mattress fresh, and cooling foam keeps you cool when you sleep as cooler. The mattress temperature is better for Sleep. This mattress makes you feel like your mattresses are Cushing and comfortable. It features a layer of memory foam, cooling foam, comfort foam, and another layer that delivers additional support. This luxuries mattress is the best for one looking for an orthopedic mattress. 


  • Primary Material: Foam
  • Comfort: Medium Firm
  • Color: White
  • Warranty: 10 Years Manufacturing Warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Features: Phase Changing Material (PCM) used by NASA for optimum temperature regulation
  •  Contoured for 3 Zoned Orthopedic Support
  •  Active Grooves for better air circulation
  •  Responsive Memory Foam layer for exceptional pressure relief
  • Manufactured in India
  •  100 Nights Trial

Flo Ergo Gel Memory Foam + Proprietary Responsive Foam Mattress

Flo Ergo Gel Memory Foam + Proprietary Responsive Foam Mattress is recommendable for those who prefer softer ergonomic support. Proprietary Responsive Foam forms the foundation of this mattress. It ensures that no part of your body sinks into the mattress more than it should. Making this mattress a non-saggy mattress highly recommended for one with back issues and is a very much comfortable mattress for all sleeping positions. If Sleep with someone that tosses and turns a lot in their Sleep, then this is perfect as it comes with zero disturbance motion isolation technology. This mattress comes with a unique Aloe Vera Gel infused zippered cover, which not only protects your mattress but also keeps your skin looking relaxed and youthful. Proprietary Responsive Foam layer responds accurately to pressure points, making the body relax; it consists of a top layer of Gel-infused memory foam that helps maintain your spine’s natural shape, keeping away the Unparalleled spine support.


  • Support Type: PU Foam
  • Comfort Layer: Memory Foam
  • Mattress Features: Zero Partner Disturbance
  • Aloe Vera Gel infused zippered cover
  • Ten-year warranty 

Cloth Fusion Fruton 2nd Gen 6 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress   

Cloth Fusion Fruton 2nd Gen 8 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is the innovative mattress and top quality mattress. They have been in this industry for a while now and know the customers’ requirements and work accordingly. Cloth Fusion Fruton 2nd Gen 8 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress ships compressed & vacuum-sealed in a box. Just let it rest for 72 hours for the mattress to expand fully. This mattress gets its design for the customers in a breathable way with an infusion of Gel to draw heat away from your body and has Responsive open cell memory foam compresses evenly under body weight and conforms to curves to alleviate common pressure points.


  • Dual Comfort Can Be Used On Both Sides
  • Breathable Comfort
  • Conforming Support
  • Soft, Breathable Cover
  • Cooling Gel Foam
  • Certipur-US Certified
  • Warranty 10 years 
  • One hundred days of risk trial.
  • Eliminates motion transfer

Nubliss NX Gen 6-inch Single Size Memory Foam Mattress with Cooling Gel  

Nubliss NX Gen 6-inch Single Size Memory Foam Mattress with Cooling Gel comes with 5 Layers of Optimum Comfort This mattress made after a good research and with the help of 20+ engineering improvements Removable and washable top cover keeps the mattress more fresh and breathable, keeping the odor Anti-slip bottom fabric layer. The breathable polyester cover makes it easy breathable good for a healthy lifestyle with Sculpted memory foam with cooling gel keeping the mattress cool and control the temperature High-performance foam with optimum firmness making the pressure point relax and can stretch out, relaxing all the mussels Goodbye to allergies that kept you awake at night. Zero-partner Disturbance mattress and reversible mattress Nubliss act as a barrier for allergens, dust mites, stains, moisture, mold, and mildew. This also means a fewer number of sick days and no missing out on school or office.


  • Thickness: 6 inch
  • Support Type: Memory Foam
  • Comfort Layer: Memory Foam
  • Mattress Features: Europedic Mattress
  • Orthopedic Mattress
  • Dual Comfort Mattress
  • Reversible Mattress
  • Organic Mattress, Foldable
  • Zero Partner Disturbance

SleepX Ortho Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The first on our list of Best Gel Mattress in India is the sleepX ortho cool gel foam mattress. This mattress comes with gel memory foam conforms to the body, relieving pressure points while evenly absorbing and distributing heat for temperature regulation. The ortho mattress has a medium-firm feel, perfect for sleepers with any kind of position. This open-cell arrangement of the top layers enables better air circulation. At the same time, gel foam pulls heat away for optimal cooling. This mattress has a breathable outer cover, which comes with breathable fabric for more ventilation and Airflow.


  • Primary Material: Rebonded Foam, Upholstery 
  • Material: Premium Fabric
  •  Top Material: Cool Gel Memory Foam
  • Color: Blue
  •  Style: Modern
  • Mattress Features: Orthopedic Mattress
  • Warranty: 5-year warranty
  • Extra comfort and support with added thickness and cooling gel memory foam

Linenwalas Cooling Gel-infused Memory Foam  

Linenwalas Cooling Gel-infused Memory Foam mattress has a thick foam layer that can provide maximum sleeping surface and ensures comfort in bed. This layer holds the form of the mattress and doesn’t let the edges droop. Making it completely comfortable to sleep on This mattress specialty is the Orthopedic Usage technology Full Body support as the foam mold to your curves well-aligned spine for a better tomorrow. This mattress also comes with anti-dust mite and anti-bedbug properties that ensure freshness round the year irrespective of seasonal changes. Cool gel toppers are made with Open cell technology and ventilation channels to increase Airflow and regulate sleep temperature around 2to 3 degrees. This mattress also comes with an op bamboo cover with a zipper and can be easily removed. 


  • Mattress topper with designer enclosure
  • superior high-density construction that helps the topper retain its shape over time
  • Orthopedic Usage
  • Provides relief for back pain 
  • Temperature Regulation
  • Durability & Warranty – Our Mattress topper is very durable; it will last for more than ten years. 
  • Easily washable in the machine

Century Pixel Cooling Green Gel Memory 7 inch High Resilience (HR) Foam Mattress

Century mattress comprises high resilience (HR) foam and Green Gel Memory foam that can spread the weight and pressure. It allows the body to restore and heal the pain through the mattresses. It gives relief from back pain due to the mattress’s strength to hold the body’s position and keep the spine properly aligned. Green Gel Memory foam keeps the mattress cool and controls the temperature while you are asleep. It can also isolate motion, which refers to one person’s movement is restricted within his/her area. The other one is not disturbed.


  • Primary Material: Foam 
  • Warranty: 7 years on product
  • Do not bend, fold or roll your mattress
  • Superior Airflow through the mattress for enhanced breathability, which increases the durability and hygiene of the mattress over many years
  • Global Quality – Made in India
  • Use of advanced materials and intelligent construction as per global benchmarks, 
  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • The use of standards, materials, and processes ensure chemical compliance and freedom from fumes, odor, etc.

Comfit SLEEP SPA NATURA Single Size 6 Inch Convoluted Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress With Aloe Vera Fabric 

Coirfit Sleep Spa mattress is designed with seven firmness zones to provide you with optimized comfort, flexibility. This mattress is a perk for one and all as it is the right mattress for all sleepers. This mattress is right for pressure point relief while sleeping. Made from high-quality materials, this mattress is both durable and sturdy. Aloe Vera Treated mattress one with sensitive skin perfect for them. Aloe Vera’s concentration in the fabric is very nourishing for the human skin. This mattress comprises of cool Gel designed to wick away excess heat. The mattress balances your micro-climate and keeps your temperature cool. It Adapts to your body’s natural curves and allows your spine to stay in a neutral position. Keeping in mind the “S” shape of the spine 


  •  SANITIZED HYGIENIC ALOE VERA MATTRESS: Coirfit NATURA Mattress gets proper Sanitization before its dispatch before dispatch;
  • Product dimension:- Length72″ or 6 ft, width 36″ or 3 ft, height 6″ ; Color: White; Bed size: SINGLE
  • Material Used: ISO Approved Temperature Regulated Cool Gel Infused Memory Foam Layer: maintains right sleeping temperature;
  • Middle Layer Convoluted swirl cool 
  • Memory Foam Layer: keeps cool due to increased air circulation;
  • BOTTOM Layer: High-Density Premium HR Foam that supports the body