Best latex mattress

Dreamzee 100% Natural Latex Certified Organic Mattress

Dreamzee 100% Natural Latex plus Memory Foam Certified Hybrid Mattress – Dual Comfort. The latex is then further processed and acts as a primary product in the mattress. This mattress uses natural latex provides a cushion for pressure points like hips and shoulders, allowing one to have a good night nap. The no-motion technology is the best features associated with latex mattresses rolls over or tosses and turns; movement on the other side of the bed is barely noticeable. One of the most significant benefits of natural latex is that it is a healthy and safe material to sleep on. It is antibacterial and anti-fungal as well. These latex mattresses are one of the most highly durable mattress types available. 


  •  Comfort Level – It provides the unique balance of medium comfort with proper support for the spine. It can relieve the pressure points.
  • Composition – It comprises of 100 % Natural Latex which is Healthy and Hygienic material to sleep on. It is naturally resistant to dust mites, mold, and bacteria without the use of any chemicals. It comprises the Dunlop process with Pin-core formation.
  • Fabric – Organic Modal Fabric quilted with an Organic Cotton layer, making it natural to use.
  • Technology – It has Temperature Control Technology is keeping you cool in summers and Warm in Winters.
  • Warranty And Certification – 10 years Manufacturer’s warranty is certified with Oeko-Tex Confidence in Textiles, LGA, ABC Research Corporation, Eco-Institut, Satra, and Stork.

Urban Ladder Aer 6-inch Queen Size Latex Mattress 

Urban Ladder Aer 6-inch Queen Size Latex Mattress backed by over 50 years of technological expertise in sleep products. Urban Ladder Aer is a brand that fulfills its environmentally-conscious vision of affordable, organic luxury one mattress when it comes with a reasonable price compared to the other attresses. If you are looking for a mattress within a budget-friendly price, this can be a good option. This 100% natural pin-core latex enhances bounce and breathability, keeps the mattress cooler during summers and in other weather. Suitable for all sleeping positions making it feel soft and plush against your back The pin-core latex enhances bounce, adding to your comfort.


  • Primary Material: Fabric, Subtype: latex, Subtype: Foam 
  •  Color: White 
  • A combination of PU foam and latex foam ensures superior sleep experience,
  • Assembly Not Required
  • Warranty in Months: 60
  • SO 9001: 2008 Certified Mattress Factory

Dreamzee 100% Natural Latex Plus Memory Foam Certified Hybrid Mattress – Dual Comfort

Dreamzee 100% Natural Latex Plus Memory Foam Certified Hybrid mattress is a perfect solution for all the bed problems. Latex refers to a milky white liquid, which gets extracted from the rubber tree. Which is then processed and used in making these mattresses Memory foam keenly responds to your movements, allowing you to move freely around the bed without experiencing the quicksand effect. It adjusts its shape to provide exact support, keeping your spine in alignment. Natural latex at the top provides a cushion for pressure points like hips and shoulders, allowing for a comfortable and restful night’s sleep. Memory foam beneath the latex gives good support and cushioning. This is the best latex mattress in India. One of the most significant benefits of natural latex is that it is a healthy and safe material to sleep on. It is antibacterial and anti-fungal as well. This combination of latex with memory foam used in this mattress makes it highly durable.


  • COMFORT LEVEL – It Has a “Medium Comfort” Level That Provides Proper Support To The Spine And Has The Ability To Relieve The Pressure Points.
  • COMFORT LAYER – It Comprises Of 1″ Natural Latex ( 100% Pure). Being Natural It Is Healthy Material To Sleep On. 
  • It Is Naturally Resistant To Dust Mites, Mold And Bacteria Without The Use Of Any Chemicals. It is manufactured with The Dunlop Process With Pin-Core Formation To Ensure Greater Air-Breathability.
  • CUSHIONING LAYER – It Comprises Of 1″ Cool Memory Foam For Luxurious Comfort And Cushioning. It Takes The Shape Of Your Body Enhancing Your Sleeping Experience.
  • SUPPORT LAYER – High Resilience Foam ( HR ) At The Bottom is To Give Good Support For The Back That Will Solve All Your Back Issues.
  • FABRIC AND WARRANTY – Organic Modal Fabric Being Quilted With Organic Cotton Layer Provides The Smooth Touch And Also Good For The Skin. 
  • Warranty: 7 years Manufacturer’s warranty 
  • Certified with Oeko-Tex Confidence in Textiles, LGA, ABC Research Corporation, Eco-Institut, Satra, and Stork.

Boston Organic 5 Inch 100% Pure Certified Natural Latex 

When we talk about the best latex mattresses in India, one must have to include Boston Mattress on the list. They are known for being one of the inventors of selling mattresses online in India. The quality of their mattresses is also widely known as top-class. The Boston Organic 5 inch Latex Mattress consists of100% natural latex with the Dunlop processing technology. This mattress uses organic Tencel fabric as the Tencel fabric is more relaxed and softer than cotton. It helps keep the mattress cool, and it allows one to have a good nap, makes it comfortable for your body. The mattress is anti-fungal, anti-dust mite; has a self-ventilation system, and anti-allergen best for children to sleep on 


  • Mattress Comfort: Medium
  •  Material: 100% Pure Certified Organic Natural Pincore Latex (Dunlop Technology)
  • Organic Tencel Fabric: Organic Fabric Extracted From Wood Which Is More Absorbent Than Cotton, Softer Than Silk & Cooler Than Linen 
  • Cotton Wadding: Light Feel, Soft & Good Insulation With Down & Feather Feeling 
  • Confirming Body Support & Ergonomics: Relieves Stress From Hips, Spine, Shoulders, And Neck 
  • Hygienic: It Is Anti-Fungal, Hygienic, Self Ventilation, and Anti Dust Mite
  • Warranty: 7 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Natural Latex Certified by Eco Institut, LGA & Oeko-Tex
  • 100% Pure Certified Natural Latex Mattress
  • BMI Recommendation: Under Weight / Normal Weight / Over Weight / Obese
  • Sleep Style Recommendation: Back Sleeper / Side Sleeper / Stomach Sleeper
  • India’s 1st Mattress Brand to Use 100% Pure Certified Organic Natural Latex

MORNING OWL Latex Mattress, Natural Medium Firm, Orthopedic XL

MORNING OWL Latex Mattress, Natural Medium Firm is a substantial new mattress that should be supportive enough for all types of sleepers of all sizes. This mattress is a supportive latex mattress that should be an excellent choice for those looking for a tremendous value Comfortable sleeping temperature and prevents moisture build. This mattress comprises of 100% Natural Latex. Designed by our award-winning team in Kerala – “Gods Own Country” and is also Anti-Dust-Mite and Bacteria good for children to sleep on, giving a long life to this mattress. Safe for babies, and it comes with an ultra-soft natural tinsel cover made from the eucalyptus tree, softer than silk and more absorbent than cotton. The inner surface consists of raw cotton. This mattress helps in pain and pressure relief and comes with spine support that maintains the “S” shape. 


  • EXCELLENT BACK SUPPORT: Provides excellent back support. A durable mattress that is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew.
  • PRESSURE RELIEF: Contours to the shape of your body for the ultimate pressure relief and support.
  • UNIQUE PIN-CORE DESIGN: Maintains a comfortable sleeping temperature from its design and contents. No hot flashes or heat like in memory foam. Prevents moisture build-up by wicking away moisture.
  • MATERIAL: eco-INSTITUT and OEKO-TEX Certified Natural Latex.
  • Medium Firm Mattress.
  • WARRANTY: 15 Years

SleepyCat Latex 7 Inch 100% Organic Latex Single Size Mattress

By keeping the Indian weather into consideration, this mattress gets designed. This mattress uses the latex from the rubber tree to keep making it organic and anti-allergic.  The mattress features 2-inch natural latex foam, 5-inch high-density support foam. Supporting the back entirely and relaxing the pressure points making the person relax This mattress comes with a breezy inner cover, anti-skid also has a removable zipper cover that is easily machine washed and can be maintained This mattress doesn’t use any harmful chemicals used while manufacturing this mattress. 


  • Mattress Comfort: Medium Feel
  •  Material: 2-inch Natural Latex, 5-inch High-Density Base Support Foam
  • 100% Natural Latex, 7 Zone Support, Naturally Cooling
  • Breezy Inner Cover
  • Removable Smart Zipper Cover
  •  Anti-skid Base Fabric
  •  No Harmful Chemicals
  • Warranty Details: 10 years on product
  • Note: Made with non-toxic material, vacuum packed for maximum hygiene, stored in sanitized warehousing, safe delivery

FoamsIndia® 100% Natural Latex Foam® Pearl Mattress Medium Firmness 

FoamsIndia® 100% Natural Latex Foam® Pearl Mattress Medium Firmness is of top quality using the best rubber tree on the excellent quality latex. This mattress matches quality with affordability. This mattress keeps the temperature settled quite airy and did not make you feel hot, keeping it comfortable for a good nap. Highly durable and best value for your money This mattress is anti-allergic, and it comes with medium firmness, and its good for the back and the shoulder pain.


  • Pearl Mattress is made from 100% Natural Latex Foam using the latest pin-core technology, which keeps it cool always.
  •  No toxic or synthetic chemical is used in the manufacture and is free from heat and health hazards.
  • Natural Latex Foam is dust and mite resistant.
  •  The resilience nature of Natural latex foam retains its shape and avoids sagging, besides rendering good support to the body. The excellent support extended by our mattress relieves off the back pain and prevents the back pain further.
  • Our mattress is easily foldable and transportable without any damage. Custom made to suit various requirements.
  • Warranty:- 15 Years
  •  Package Content:- 1 Foam India Mattress With Two Pillow free ( Natural latex Pillows) Latex mattress is covered by one cotton gada fabric and outer zip-type bamboo fabrics of the removable, washable type.

Repose eyelidz 5-inch Queen Size Latex Mattress

Repose eyelidz multi-layer latex mattress gives restful, pain-free sleep. It is designed to provide the maximum comfort to the body with an advanced core latex supportive system. Latex Foam Mattresses are made up of 100% Natural Latex which comes from rubber trees. Latex Foam Mattresses are best suited for looking for a firm mattress for total body support. Repose eyelidz made of Latex Foam Mattresses are that these foam mattresses are dust and smell resistant. This mattress keeps the allergy away and provides motion isolation best motion isolation, which means if your partner toss and turn, you will not notice any movement.


  • Primary Material: Multi-Layer Latex, Ring-Spun Knitted Quilt Cover
  • Color: Grey and White, Style: Contemporary
  • No Assembly Required: The product is in a pre-assembled state when it is delivered.
  • Warranty: 1.This shall be valid only for original purchases of Repose Eyelids mattress from Amazon.
  • 87 density of three layers of latex sheets
  • 87 density multi-layer latex
  • Latex support- medium-firm to plush, comfort- optimal, breathable for extra comfort, available in 5″ thickness
  • Latex support- medium-firm to plush, comfort- optimal, breathable for extra comfort, available in 5″ thickness

Sunidra CL200 – Certified Natural Orthopedic Coir Latex Mattress 

Sunidra CL200 – Certified Natural Orthopedic Coir Latex Mattress. This premium mattress features rubberized coconut coir for enhanced support along with natural latex comforting layer for a peaceful sleep. The mattress comes in three multi-layers providing a cushioning and the support core hence offering a cozy sleep for the one is looking for. The mattress’s quality is excellent, and the soft latex lyre on top of the rigid base. And the depth of the delicate lyre is much needed for relaxing. This makes the mattress completely breathable, making it suitable for baring the temperature and cooling it down whenever necessary.


  • High-Density Rubberized Coir and Natural Latex
  • Orthopedic Mattress & Back Support
  • Premium Belgium Knitted Designer Fabric, Anti-Bedbug, Anti-Dust Mite
  • Five years Warranty
  • 101 Nights Risk-Free Trial, Free Doorstep Delivery

SLEEPSPA Natural Single Latex Foam Mattress

SLEEPSPA Natural Single Latex Foam Mattress next latex mattress on our list. This is also another well-reputed product by sleepspa. This latex mattress is way relaxing, and the quality is best. The thickness of the mattress is 6 inches. And it uses organic latex from the rubber tree—this mattress Talalay technology to manufacture this mattress. The mattress ergonomically supports your spine and back. It is a hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, and anti-fungal mattress. Best for one with skin allergy, and it’s also suitable for children. This mattress has passed over five tests and has all types of essential certifications.


  • Has achieved over five different test certification, including ISO, Oeko-Tex certification, and more
  • Comes with seven years of warranty
  • The thickness of this latex mattress is 6 inch